if you don’t really love someone

how about don’t fucking say it to them

how about not being a pussy and just flat out saying “i don’t want to talk to you anymore”

Just another day in the life of a yugioh player


finna call my ex and tell her i still love her

then hit her wit the got dam

april fools

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so me and 2 friends were supposed to skip school halfway and go to a card shop

we have no money so we were each going to borrow $2 from the other friend for snacks

this bitch ass motherfucker bitched out on us and we can’t even get back into school so now me and my other friend are going by ourselves with no money all day


amzizzle: I'm not that anonymous person, but I feel like you're pretty much what ever conservative white person wants in a black person. Someone who defends white people, like Malcolm X said...a house slave.

I’m not “defending” white people. I’m pointing out the unfairness in the logic of black people.

- black jokes. “Hey haha hi guys I’m uptighty whitey” is apparently a hoot but “yo dawg my name is tyrone ya feel me” makes you mad. They’re the same thing. Neither is the “right thing” to be saying, but you shouldn’t be saying/supporting things that make you angry when turned around on you.

- the “n” word. If you as a black person allows yourself and your friends to be called nigga, or if you refer to yourself as a nigga, why get mad when someone else says it? It’s what you want to be, right? The n word is still a racial slur, regardless of who is saying it. It needs to be treated as a racial slur, and not as a compliment.

- black privilege. This lies primarily in entertainment. Pretty much the idea that it’s sin to make fun of black people, but making fun of any other race is peachy. Granted, every race has its own privileges, and blacks may not have as many as others, but it exists. It’s there.

-racism in general. The problem is not simply white people. It’s lack of motivation among fellow black people. You want to make a change? Get fellow black people on your side. Preach to them. Get them to realize that they shouldn’t be hurting their brethren, that education is important, that becoming another negative statistic holds us all back. If you don’t try to break through to people in the same boat as you (other blacks) there’s no way you’re getting through to anyone higher up than you (whites). Think about it. There’s more to black activism than attacking white people, because it doesn’t work. You insult them, they prance around like they’re better than us. They don’t have to physically call us racial slurs anymore, because they can use the system to cheat us out of opportunities anyway. They can use old values on racism to deny us opportunities. And where does simply insulting all white people remedy that? I’ll wait. I’m proud to be black, and I love my fellow people. However, the onslaught on whites is not going to get us anywhere but ignored or in jail. Convince black people who are doing wrong to do right.

Also, fuck you for calling me a “house nigger.” I know that was you on anon.

Anonymous: Dear person I like...

Dear person I like,

Fuck you. I have feelings too. Maybe shit doesn’t have to be about you all the time.